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Daily Balance
Minimize your hot flashes and get relief from over 5 other common peri/menopause symptoms*
24-Hour Relief Duet
Uniquely crafted to preemptively address menopause symptoms, our gummies contain patent-pending ingredients to bring balance to your body & mind, both day & night.*
Peaceful Evening
Naturally powerful relief from major nighttime menopause symptoms*
Beautiful Day
Reinvigorate your hair, skin, & nails* - Single Jar

No more confusion about your hormones.

Hormone tracking from Phenology gives you visibility into how your changing hormones uniquely impact your body, so you can reclaim control of your health.


Connect the dots between your hormones & symptoms.

Track your hormone levels with our new inne minilab and the Phenology app. Map over 20 menopause symptoms and your periods—whenever they happen—to understand, predict, and plan for the changes ahead.

Hormone Tracking Graphic NoteMeasured Progesterone level
Hormone Tracking GraphicHormone Tracking Graphic
Hormone Tracking Quote ImageSo I’ve realized that I’m getting my migraines when my progesterone drops! This is amazing insight. The last two days that I’ve had a migraine, my progesterone dropped on the point chart. This is very important information for me.”Hormone Tracking Quote Image
Phenology Putting women in control. ImagePhenology Putting women in control. Image

Putting women in control.

Meet inne.

Your personal at-home hormone tracking system

Introducing the first at-home hormone monitoring system that measures your progesterone levels with saliva. inne helps monitor your levels, so you can get insight into how they impact your perimenopause experience.

Your hormones.
Your body. Your voice.

Phenology is committed to directly engaging women in menopause science to create more efficient solutions and to expand available data, access, and equity in women's health.

Collect your own hormone data with complete control over the privacy and security of your personal information.
Contribute to the development of naturally effective menopause solutions that comprehensively address symptoms in every stage of menopause.
Gain awareness and understanding about your menopause experience and find encouragement, support, and celebration.
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