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Editor’s Picks: Sleepwear

Cream colored satin nightgown draped against a white wall, a stem of small yellow flowers with green leaves in front.

The coolest sleepwear options for menopausal women

Because your sleep may be suffering, you deserve the most comfy or sexy or silky or chic pjs.

Sleep disorders affect almost half (39% to 47%) of perimenopausal women, and even more (35% to 60%) of those who are post-menopausal, according to The Journal of Menopausal Medicine.

Hitting midlife can make it hard to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up from what crummy sleep you do get. And all that can have a huge impact on life in general, from your mood and mental health, to managing to just drag your tired body to work, or out to see friends.

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But while your sleep may be suffering, your comfort doesn’t need to, or your sense of style. In fact, because your sleep may be suffering, you deserve the most comfy or sexy or silky or chic pjs to hopefully doze off in (eventually), lounge around in feeling pampered, even socialize while looking glam. Here, what sweet dreams are made of.

Rumpled white sheets
Image by Polina Tankilevitch

The Best Cooling Pajamas For Women

EttitudeSateen Cami and Shorts: Super silky, but breathable like cotton, this sexy number is extremely light and flowy, kind of like wearing nada at all. And while the style makes you feel like the hot woman you are, the material has a natural cooling effect to help you through those rough sweaty nights.

What makes it even more attractive: The set (it also comes in a slip dress) is made from 100% bamboo, which means it’s not just pampering to your skin—it’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t include any harsh chemicals—the sustainably sourced and processed fabric is kind to the planet. If you want to double down on the silken experience and truly wrap yourself in luxury, get the company’s sheets in the same material.

PACTAll Ease Sleep Set: This material is so buttery-soft, you won’t know what you did to deserve such comfort. Until you remind yourself that just being you makes you worthy, not to mention all the good you put out to the world, and all the crap you put up with. If you’re someone who leaves the house in structured clothes with zippers and buttons, coming home to the warm hug of these pjs will make all the stress, hot flash fatigue and frustrations melt away.

When you also get the company’s sheets, sinking into bed is pure heaven, making any perimenopause insomnia less hellish. You can feel good mentally wearing these pjs too—Pact is huge on sustainability. Their clothes are 100% organic, with no toxic dyes or chemicals, and they use minimal water to manufacture. Plus, their factories are certified top tier in social and environmental standards.

MEGMovement Line: If you never change out of this stretchy, flowy, liquid-like attire, there’s no need to feel any lazy-guilt. There’s a reason Meg calls it loungewear and the Movement line, instead of sleepwear. While you certainly will sleep easy and completely unrestricted in these pieces, they’re designed to look like perfectly appropriate daywear too. But daywear that doesn’t hug, tug or restrict you. Made from jersey knit, it mooooves with you and drapes in the most flattering way.

The whole line (including mix-and-match monochromatic tops, wide-legged and haram pants, even a super-soft jumpsuit) is a total workhorse in the right-for-any-occasion department: morning yoga, errands, casual evening with friends, and of course, sleep. On top of that, it’s ideal for travel—the wrinkle-free fabric can be balled up and shoved in a suitcase.

LUNYAWashable Silk Cami Pant Set: The ultimate elegant evening wear, this set gives off old world movie star vibes with sultry, wide-legged pants that could convince you you’re the next Katherine Hepburn. When you wander, the lightweight, luxurious silk makes you look like you’re floating across the room. But fear not, it’s the opposite of fussy, and produced to toss in the washing machine without a concern in the world.

And here’s the clincher, that washable silk is what they call thermoregulating, which means it adapts to your body temperature. The material is naturally cool to keep you that way, but its low conductivity will also warm you up on chilly nights. And if you suffer from night sweats, they offer a sleepwear collection in Cool Pima cotton, with technology designed to help you snooze cooler and dryer, plus smelling fresh—the antimicrobial material inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi that thrives on sweat and causes odors.

EchoFrench Terry Jogger Set: The athleisure style of these pieces makes you feel more sporty than sultry (and who among us can be a seductress every night?), and paired with the totally relaxed fit and crazy-soft material, they encourage you to fully take a mental load off at the end of your day.

What’s more, the brushed French terry fabric is the perfect thinness, so curling up on the coach with your beloved—whether that’s a human, animal, or the remote—is dreamy, with no cumbersome fabric-folding or bunching. Just pure comfort, which is a real gift, considering the shockingly friendly price point. And the sleeping part: these jams are so breathable that they keep you cool and won’t stick to you should you have a night sweat.AthletaCalm Cool Romper: As chic as it is ahhhhh, this sleep jumpsuit could almost be paired with a killer set of heels for a night out on the town. But who wants to go out when you can chill (literally) at home in this easy piece? The entire Calm Cool collection is made from a silky-smooth fabric that is designed to release body heat and help evaporate sweat while you sleep. Available in sizes XXS through XL and with adjustable straps, the loose, swingy piece fits many shapes well. Best of all? It’s machine washable.Quince100% Washable Silk Tank & Pants Pajama Set: Not for nothing, the tag on this ultra-luxe pair of pjs says “Everything about this feels right.” Made from Mulberry Silk, a fiber that contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for skin nourishment, this cool combo is hypo-allergenic, and naturally thermoregulating to help maintain body temperature. It is also made without any harsh dyes and feels heavenly against the skin.

Now for the really fun part: The pant has a sexy-but-not-too slit up the side for extra ventilation — but it also makes you look seriously stylish while you lounge. Should you be inclined to want a matching scrunchie or pillow, the company carries both!

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