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Daily Balance
Minimize your hot flashes and get relief from over 5 other common peri/menopause symptoms*
24-Hour Relief Duet
Uniquely crafted to preemptively address menopause symptoms, our gummies contain patent-pending ingredients to bring balance to your body & mind, both day & night.*
Peaceful Evening
Naturally powerful relief from major nighttime menopause symptoms*
Beautiful Day
Reinvigorate your hair, skin, & nails* - Single Jar

Certificates of Analysis

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Phenology’s containing products are guaranteed to contain the labeled amount, and to be free from THC† . Select your product lot code below to find a certificate of analysis showing the cannabinoid content of your finished product.

Daily Glow Facial Cream Lot 22D12A1

Daily Glow Facial Cream Lot 22E04C1

Essential Evening PM Gummy Lot 207A1PM

Essential Evening PM Gummy Lot N22E26G

Essential Evening PM Gummy Sampler Lot N22E53G

Elevated Evening PM Gummy Lot 2070A1PMB

Elevated Evening PM Gummy Lot N22E24G

(cannabidiol) is a component of the refined hemp extract used in certain Phenology products. interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is involved in promoting calmness and relaxation.*

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find the lot number for my product?

Lot numbers can be found on the bottom of your Phenology product container.